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Wire Fatigue Tester

Wire Fatigue Tester Model is a designed to characterize the fatigue strength of small diameter wire using a rotating-beam test. The wire is subjected to a constant-magnitude, pure bending moment while it is rotated at a steady speed. This creates a fully reversed bending stress on the wire. The number of cycles is counted until a failure is detected and the machine stops. Throughout the test the specimen may be submerged in a temperature controlled water bath.

Wire Fatigue Tester features the following

Dual Servo-motors Fatigue sample is driven on both ends with chucks that are directly driven by precision, servo-motors, resulting in quiet, reliable operation.

High-Speed Rotation Standard model runs at speeds up to 10,000 rpm. High-speed model runs up to an incredible 37,000 rpm.

Automated Chuck Spacing Input distance and chuck automatically moves into position.

Fast Wire Holding Uses Blockwise easy-centering MicroChucks; wire can’t move out of the center of the chuck.

Temperature Control Optional water bath keeps product at set temperature.

Quick Break Sensor Setup Breakage sensor sets up in seconds to reliably turn the machine off when wire breaks.

LCD Display Shows accumulated cycles, speed, and chuck spacing at a glance.