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Height gauge Hi_Cal

  • Intuitive functions
  • Great mobility
  • Measurement of internal and external diameters, centerlines, heights, thicknesses, depths, surfaces
  • 150, 300 and 450 mm range
  • Data output USB and RS232
  • Extremely low and adjustable measuring force according to the probe
  • No influence of the operator on the measurement results
  • Battery life: 40 hours
  • Probe constant value memorized even when switched off
  • Ergonomic motorized displacement paddle

Sylvac-SCAN 50 CE Plus

  • Vertical SCAN machine with an exclusive slewing system to measure more features and threads
  • Great mobility
  • Tilting for thread measurement up to 3°
  • Easily and quickly accessible
  • Integrated projector to follow the evolution of the measurement process
  • Delivered with software Sylvac Pro-Measure/Pro-Composer
  • Measuring range up to Ø50mm and L275mm, with rotary headstock

Sylvac-VISIO 200 V3

  • Larger field of view up to 15x9.5mm
  • Full HD Camera
  • Improved image quality
  • New software layout
  • Auto toggle screens live/schematic
  • Very robust granite construction
  • High quality and durable guidance system
  • Manual movement of the table with quick displacement system
  • Manual or motorized zoom
  • Triple programmable lighting
  • Position shown by laser pointer
  • Sylvac Vista software with CAD comparison function
  • Easy to use

Sylvac BT Hand Tools

  • Hand Tools with Swiss Quality
  • Instruments with 3yrs warranty
  • Bluetooth Data Transfer
  • Programmble Buttons according to your needs
  • Repeatability and accuracy never reached before
  • Special measuring ranges on request

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