We provide excellent service support & our team of engineers studies the requirement of the customer & we try to resolve the issue at due course of time

We offer annual maintenance service for various equipments to avoid breakdown & save your valuable time ,money.

We offer service for the following equipments

1. Coordinate Measuring Machine.

Just as your car requires a yearly service and mot check so does your CMM. Due to environmental factors and excessive use your coordinate measuring machine can and will occasionally have it’s accuracy compromised. To maintain accuracy prior to impacting on your production and manufacturing it is recommended your CMM is serviced and verified regularly.

We do service & retrofit of CMM with spares support.

  • Reduced CMM support costs
  • Improved CMM reliability
  • Easier CMM operation with latest software
  • Improved CMM productivity

2. Profile Projector

Servicing of Profile projector ,retrofit,Upgradation of the panels ,scales. With cost effective solution.

3. Video Measuring Machine

Servicing & Calibration of Video Measuring machines with error correction ,Spares support for various makes.

4. 2D Microhite

We provide Excellent service , calibration support for 2D Microhite & TESAHITE with spares support.

Tesa Micro Hite

Autonomous instruments for measurement in one or two coordinate directions of inside dimensions, outside, tiered, height, depth and distance on geometric elements with flat, parallel or cylindrical surfaces. The cusp is automatically entered on the bores and shafts - With memory function "max", "min" and "max-min" as dynamic measurement.

The metrology-based reference for the workshop Stand-alone design – Made to measure any size in in the form of internal, external, height, depth, step and distance dimensions of geometric part features having either a flat, parallel or cylindrical surface.

Automatic capture of the culmination point on bores or shafts – Dynamic probing with memory functions <<max.>>, <<min.>> plus <<max.-min.>> • State-of-the-art concept associated with a high-quality design is the fruit of years of experience in the manufacture of electronic height gauges.

  • Ideal for dimensional inspection close to the manufacturing cell. No cumbersome cables to clutter up the working area.
  • Fast, simple and reliable probing of the workpiece or holes, especially.
  • 3 main gauges available with either a 365, 615 or 920 mm measuring span.
  • Numerical display to 0,0005, 0,001, 0,01 and 0,1 mm, or equivalent inch units.
  • Extremely accurate measuring of deviations from length, straightness and perpendicularity due to the automatic correction of the bias errors through CAA (Computer Aided Accuracy).
  • Coefficient of linear expansion identical to steel (11,5 x 10-6 K-1).
  • POWER PANEL for value processing and output with inter active display to guide the operator.
  • No manual calculation.
  • 99 workpiece oriented measurement cycles, programmable. Each cycle includes a number of 64 features with related limits of size.
  • Built-in printer for result output or possible use of an external printer unit to get a hard - copy in A4 format.
  • RS 232 data output.
  • We have 10 years experience repairing all Tesa Products
  • We got trained in the service of all Tesa Products
  • Received further training on Height Gauge repairs

Today in market we have considerable amount of Tesa machines for service ,with our experienced team we provide good service & tap various locations around INDIA. This makes SPARX one stop Shop for quality & SERVICE .


We are doing relapping of Granite Surface Plate to Grade 0 accuracy as per IS 7327-2003.We supply a wide range of surface plates, which are used in various industries for tool making, inspection, spotting, gauging etc. Highly durable, reliable, resistant to corrosion and are easy to maintain, these surface plate make an ideal base for mounting sophisticated mechanical, electronic and optical gauging systems.

6. Measuring Instruments Servicing & Calibration

What is calibration and why do we need it ?

Calibration is a set of operations that under certain conditions establish relations between values indicated by a measuring instrument or system, or values represented by a materialised measure or reference material, and values realised by measurement standards. It is, however, less clear to everyone that a measuring instrument, too, needs maintenance, servicing, technical examination, etc., even if it is not broken.

So avoid this the instruments has to calibrated periodically to retain the accuracy , which inturn increases your productivity.We provide service support for Various measuring instruments & Testers.

Spares & Consumables.

  • We supply spares for reputed makes like mitutoyo,Tesa,trimos.. etc
  • Probes, Probe Holder,CMM Stylus.
  • Charging Adaptors.
  • Rechargeable Battery.
  • Micrometer Lapping